What religion really means

Today we associate the word religion with ‘belief system’ or ‘religious organizations’. In fact we unobtrusively picture Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jain etc. worldviews as soon as we hear the word. Yet its true meaning is far different and simpler than that.

So what does Religion actually mean?

The word religion comes from the latin religiō which means conscientiousness, sanctity, reverence, scrupulousness. Thus you don’t have to be following a belief system to be religious. 

There is a tendency these days to consider science and religion as if they are opposites when in fact,

Science can be your religion. Sounds contradictory, but it’s not!

Let us not corrupt the use of this word.

Acharya S. http://freethoughtnation.com/please-respect-my-religion/

Religion Etymology http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/religion#Etymology


2 thoughts on “What religion really means”

  1. In other post I said I’m agnostic, but I didn’t know the real mening of “religion”. I don’t believe in “religions” as cristinans, muslims, buddhist…
    I just would like to know WHY my daughter died, why there are so many wars, children who are only in skins and bones??????
    I think no answer can be given…
    Regards from Spain.

    1. Hi Rosa

      I consider myself agnostic and religious as well. But the two sound so contradictory in today’s definition. So sorry to hear about your daughter 😦
      I believe, like Einstein said, “God reveals himself in the lawful harmonies (meaning the patterns that exist in nature) of the world but does not intervene with the fate and doings of mankind”.


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